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Mini Images
PART 1 - March into summer 2005

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This tortoise was on the Stone Church Rd. near Killaloe in the spring and obviously trying to lay her eggs in a bad place. So I pushed her off the road after getting my image. I rather doubt she stayed off road and wonder what her and her eggs fate may have been. It's a hard life for a tortoise when many will drive right over them and kill them or maim them.

This deer was killed by what was thought to possibly be a cougar, by the MNR folk who came to view it. The manner of the rear torso being ripped open and the intestines separated from the blood organs which are all the cougar would eat - they are fussy - is the reaoning here. The son of the neigbour who had this in his lane near the main road, spoke to a friend at church 2 days later and the friend said he was sure he'd seena cougar cross the golf course which is directly below us on the hill we live on near Killaloe Ontario. Then about 2 weeks later I was up early to go to the washroom in a gray dawn when I saw the flash of what looked like it could be a cougar passing through our front yard. The color and size was right, but I didn't see the head or the total image clearly enough to be certain. It surely was not a deer, fisher, or fox, all of whom would have behaved differently.

Our cat, Kat, sometimes called Princess, with what strikes me as a rather devilish grin.

Killaloe Mill Stream senior apartments from the rear. A very comfortable setting. A front view comes later.

Butterfly at Russian Comfrey flower

Sweet William flowers which unexpectedly showed up to add a pleasant surprise this year.

One more happy Peony flower.

An as yet unidentified old, but beautiful, car in front of Killaloe Post Office

Another view of Kat, in a favourite spot on the bathroom chair.

A particularly fiery sunset.

For a town with a posted (on the sign as you drive into town) population of 700, it is surprising to find that the dark area to the left of the flowershop at the tip right of the photo, was the scene of a murder by arson - the Dell murder case.

Cadmium Yellow Rose with water droplets. The first flower on a new bush.

One of many chipmunks that feed off my bird seed offerings.

Loopy lupins, is my name for these slightly bent lupins.

Two apartments in Ottawa which are an example of the best and worst; both of which I've lived in to know. The close one is one of the best, quiet places I've lived but the far one is the common type of construciton where you hear your neighbors burp.

The poor place from the front - the last place I lived before escaping to the country for quiet. In the country I don't hear my neighbours through walls, but there's a lumber mill 11.5 K away that's humming 24-7, except the rare time they cancelled the night shift. Argghh! There's no peace left to be found.

Rear view of the last place I lived in Ottawa, if living is what you can call it.

Front view of The Mill Stream apartments for seniiors in the town of Killaloe. Like most apartments it is not an internally quiet place. The standard noise problem. But the setting is great!

Eh what? This isn't summer, says the chipmunk. It was close however, and a few days later it was green grass.

Part 2 - Mini Images of
Summer 2005

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This unusual Iris appeared in Carol's garden this summer. Now all we need to know is exactly what the variety is - and hope it regenerates with more next year.

Carol liked the grouping of wild flowers below our deck but they're seldom as intensely knockout in a photo.

This is a view of a lot which was purchased, and raped in a log harvest as far as some around the area are concerned. The buyer shipped it all to Quebec after having his Quebec workers cut it, and now wants as much for the stripped land as he paid for it. Rip-off!

One flower of the Chrome Yellow Rose bush Carol installed this summer.

The day before I found this young deer dead by the road I'd stopped in the same spot to try and take a photo of it as I'd seen it standing in the Bakery parking lot a 100 meters away. It was a shock to find it dead from a car strike the next morning. What a waste from fast careless driving.

With well giving problems watering garden is a hand job for cautious use of what's available.

Horses by Franklin Hartwick's farm on Mountain View Rd. in Killaloe, Ontario, Canada

Well drillers work on cleaning well of ground up debris.

Electrician & son replace water well pump ($1002.27) while Well men clean well.

Garden in front of house is a bit sparse this year.

View of 2710 Mountain View Rd. Killaloe - I liked the romantic value of this scene. The winter version is next.

2710 Mountain View Rd. in Killaloe in the winter.

Silhouettes of things like this are difficult to get the real impact of what the eye sees, but I couldn’t resist the attempt.

This prickly blue Sea Holly is striking and the bees and bugs seemed to find it quite attractive.

A closer view of prickly blue Sea Holly.

The original cross which stood here at the junction of Mountain View Rd. & O'Grady Settlement Rd. near the village of Wilno - Canada's first and oldest Polish community - was destroyed by vandals in 2004.
In spring 2005 a crew rebuilt the corner to a grander condition than the rough old stone fence and weeds and replaced the cross with a perfect replica of what had stood there for perhaps a hundred years.