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This deer was killed by what was thought to possibly a cougar, by the MNR folk who came to view it. The manner of the rear torso being ripped open and the intestines separated from the blood organs which are all the cougar would eat - they are fussy - is the reaoning here. The son of the neigbour who had this in his lane near the main road, spoke to a friend at church 2 days later and the friend said he was sure he'd seena cougar cross the golf course which is directly below us on the hill we live on near Killaloe Ontario. Then about 2 weeks later I was up early to go to the washroom in a gray dawn when I saw the flash of what looked like it could be a cougar passing through our front yard. The color and size was right, but I didn't see the head or the total image clearly enough to be certain. It surely was not a deer, fisher, or fox, all of whom would have behaved differently.