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The Spider

by Hugh Petrie

by Hugh Petrie

Copyright © (Edward) Hugh Petrie, May 30, 2003

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I was sitting in my room on James street enjoying the morning sun coming in my window and growing the large jade plant I had there.

There was a large mirror to the right of the window just to the edge of the window opening so that it would reflect light back onto whatever plants I had, and also put light in otherwise dark areas of the rather small room with a kitchenette to the left of me.

Then I noticed one of these tiny quarter inch diameter black and white stripped jumper spiders walking up the branch nearest the mirror.

This smart ass walked up to the very edge of the leaf nearest the mirror and looked across at his reflection in the mirror which was about ten inches away.

After a moment he walked to the left edge of the leaf and looked again. Then back and to the right of the leaf and looked again. It paused. Then it went back to the middle of the leaf, carefully looked again, crouched and leapt smacking solidly into the glass and falling in a beautiful arc to where it was hanging directly beneath the leafs edge.

I had never known these little fellows had web capacity since Id never seen them in a web. Seems they always put down a line before they jump so they can haul themselves back in the event of failure.

Well this guy sat motionless for about ten or fifteen seconds then began to wiggle and hauled himself back up to the leafs edge.

Then he turned and looked very carefully across at his reflection again. He then went back first to the left and then to the right and again back to centre for anther look.

At this point it abruptly turned and began to walk back down the branch.

As a photographer I have been wishing ever since that I could have had a movie camera - there were no video cameras then, and catch that impossible to recreate experience.

Maybe someone will invent a device to suck the image out of my brain.

The truth by Hugh.

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