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Hugh's Last Krap

For those who know avant garde theatre of the 50's this is a reflection to "Krap's last tape"

Having found little interest from people in developing cities with housing that can actually provide you with "quiet enjoyment" without resorting to police intimidation, and the courts, I've decided it's OK if that's all they think the future should be. I won't be around nor any of my children so why should I care? I have decided that puting this curious family album with some modern consideration on the web as my last dump on the people - and I call it that since most folk seem to resent my expectations for a future "better world to live in". It will likely be my last tape - so's to speak.

I find it quite depressing to consider wasting a life chasing enough money to buy a 3 or 4 million dollar Condominium (2003 A.D. value) only to find it is far from luxurious enough to guarantee you won't hear your neigbor in any way or bother your neighgbor, as a news item advised us in late December 2002 with a report on Mick Jagger's daughter getting a third warning to be quiet in her 3.6 million dollar (Canadian equivalent) Loft in London or face a possible criminal conviction. There are no details of exactly what the noise consisted, and it might well draw fire in a country estate but 20 years of observation of building in Ontario Canada tells me no Condo's are really luxurious in regard to soundproofing any more in 2003.

In 1994 at an opening of his latest hi-rise for subsidized housing in Ottawa, a well respected Ottawa architect told me that, "All the luxury builders build to the code now. A code that was supposed to be minimum for the poor - not a maximum for everyone.

It was mid summer of 2001 when a news item advised that Russia had lowered its standards to allow Canadian design and building materials to be used to build houses in Russia. They used to to it better than us but not any more. Cheap crap for the whole world seems to be the great plan by our leaders.

Ah well!
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