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Sketch by David Clayton-Thomas
done somewhere mid 60's, not long before his great success in New York
Another side of our musical friend.
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This sketch and photo below of Jack London & the Sparrows supplied by Gaynor Gauthier (see bottom of page)
Sketch © by Gaynor Gauthier
This is the text of the original message Gaynor left on David Clayton-Thomas' web site message board.
Way back in the mid-60's, my best friend Dale met and married Bruce Palmer (of Buffalo Springfield fame). At the time Bruce was the bass player with Jack London & the Sparrows in Toronto. They used to jam in a basement club, which I believe was on Charles St. in Toronto. I often went with Dale to watch them jam. One particular afternoon, we were sitting in the dark, empty club, watching the band rehearse, when a guy who knew Dale, came and sat with us at the table. I was doodling in a sketch book when this "guy" took it from me to look at my work. When he eventually gave it back to me he had sketched a caricature of Dennis Edmonton (guitarist). Throughout the afternoon, we sat chatting and I eventually discovered the "guy" was David Clayton-Thomas! He was starting to emerge as "hot" on the Toronto music scene at the time and it was all I could do to act "cool & nonchalant" in front of him after that! I got him to autograph the drawings of Dennis (who, with his brother Jerry, went on to Steppenwolf" fame)! I still have the drawings, along with a photo of Jack London & the Sparrows. If I had only known then what I know now... the beginnings of Buffalo Springfield, Steppenwolf and Blood Sweat & Tears were gathered together in that room with one common purpose... music! WOW! I was witnessing Rock & Roll history and didn't even know it! I wonder if David remembers that day? Doubt it!
And here's Jack London & the Sparrows
Jack London & the Sparrows - Left to right: John Kay, Bruce Palmer, Jerry Edmonton, Conrad Feeney, Dennis Edmonton
This photo by Conrad's father, W. (?) Feeney, who was then a reporter with the Toronto Star
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