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Dancing Alone: Selected Poems
William Hawkins
Broken Jaw Press, Fredericton, N.B.
Launched at the Ottawa International Writers Festival, April 20, 2005

Can I Have This Dance?

So soft of skin, yet harsh of voice - we so
Trapped by the poverty of our aspirations
And capabilities. Limited by our
Loveless dance. Going round
The empty dance floor
One more time.

Do you love me?
(I can barely move)
Do you love me?
(Now I've lost my groove)
Do you love me?
(Now that I can't dance)

... William Hawkins

The Return

I saw you in a dream, and
You as real as twenty year ago
Except the hair, not corn-yellow,
But black. Warm eyes
Gone cold. But, hey, as the song say,
Got that old feeling, and am going
To run with it.

I can almost feel the soft hair
As it falls through my fingers ...

... William Hawkins